Welcome to Hanover Plastering

Chris first had the idea of becoming a plasterer over seven years ago when he realised that there seemed to be a bad reputation associated with tradesmen, they were seen to be unreliable, and not providing a good job or service. So he found himself a very reliable and trustworthy plasterer who could start his apprenticeship and paid to go on a course in Plastering.  

He learnt his trade whilst juggling his other job for two years before feeling he was good enough to go out alone. During his early years he still worked very closely with the plasterer who had taught and trained him. Chris has always had very strong values, and they are to be punctual, honest, reliable, trustworthy and friendly.  

This means that you build your business on recommendations and repeat custom, you should never be short sighted and want to complete a job so quickly that there are many faults. There is however a lot to be said for efficiency. Due to Chris's nature he has met many other tradesmen of similar character such as plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators, so he is always able to help by recommending a friend.